Spirit Coin

Do u all believe in “SPIRT OF COIN” a GAME that invites the ghost to come and chat or ask some things u wants to know.

I was one of them that use to not believe in “SPIRT OF COIN”.

I remember i play with my school mates seen primary school. At first, i though that the surroundly spirts will not come and thinking the my school mates will try to move the coin and make us think that the spirts have come. Every one was happily disturbing each other and chanting the words for the spirts to come and none of us was prepare that the spirts have come. After few seconds of rubbish, i sersously tell them not to try to move the coin purposely and really truly hard to chant so that it will come faster.

Seconds later, the coins move by it self, we began to ask questions llike what is his or her name and etc but we all was thinking that will it be some one pushing the coin again and we all ask who did that ? But none of them say was them and from seeing the way we all place our fingers, no one will proberly have push the coins because we all lift our fingers very high up.

And we all know ourself this time it was for real. So we all began to ask questions and the spirt answer to us also. After few minites later, one of my class mates who is a girl suddenly feel very tired and began to take away her finger and shortly later we all faster trying to ask her to put back her finger back because we heard from people say that some thing bad will happen if u do it.

True enough, the sprirt move our fingers to the letters on the paper spelling “u will die”.

All of us was scare and the girl really cry out and we all faster invite the spirts to go back and lucky for us it really go back.

Luckly, nothing huppens to her. It freaks us out. ”

” i have a similar case but it didnt happen to me but to my other friends.

we were having 3D4N chalet at aloha loyang resort. very fun but i was damn tired. think it was round 9pm…me and a few friends were in the chalet room chatting and playing true and dare. whereas the other room at the corner was playing the coin game too.

living room is mahjong bbq pit is poker card…all together there were bout 20 of us.

well becoz i am not in that room so i dunno whats going on. but at round 9 40 a sharp scream was heard. all of us (including those in the living room and the bbq pit) rush into the room. there were 4 people (2 boy 2 girl) playing the game and one of the girl fainted.

according to one of them…this girl was playing halfway and she asked something very rude and hence black out. we were hesitating bout bring her to hospital coz we have saint john members among us. the next morning she woke up and told us that she had a very bad nightmare… ”

” I was once a player in such paranormal activities.. I was back in secondary two at that point of time, and was introduced to this game during our free time (it was after the exams).

So I tried playing with a good friend of mine. Instead of using the coin, we used a pencil instead. The pencil did move, and we asked some general questions like “How old are you?” and stuff..

Just then, my friend asked if ‘she’ can float? ‘She’ replied yes.. This was followed by a prompt question from my friend, to ask ‘her’ if she can show us.. The pencil apparently ‘floated’ abt 2 inches off the table and ‘hanged’ there.. During this period, I tried all my might to push the pencil downwards.. But it wouldn’t budge..

Remember that there’s only two person including myself, in the game.. So if it really was my friend controlling the pencil, she would have shown great amount of movement to show that she’s going against my strength of pushing the pencil down..

Oh btw, my class was located just beside a cemetary.. ”

” Hey! I played plenty of such ‘games’ during my secondary school days in the mid 90s. I played at school and at my gf’s home, and played both the coin and pen version. We often ‘invited’ the same spirit my gf’s place (using the pen version), not deliberate, but just happened that the same ‘boy’always accepts our invitation . Hmmm.. we asked about his age and he said he was 6 yrs old. And we went ‘awww! how cute!’. We then teased him if he has any girlfriend and he said yes and that she was 5 years old, and we went ‘awww!!! this is just too cute!!’ . He even gave us his name, but I can’t remember it since it happened so many years ago.

It is just so incredible when we tried to test how much does the spirit knows. We asked if he knows my gf’s brother’s name, and he wrote and spelt it out as per the NRIC!! We asked if he knows where is my gf’s bf hanging out now and he answered ‘Marina Square’. It was thundering outside and we asked whether would it rain and ‘maybe?’ came the reply. It sometimes makes me wonder if he genuinely knows lots of things or did he simply read our mind, cos the answers often is the same as what we were thinking inside .

We ran out of questions to ask after a couple of weeks and I asked the spirit boy to tell us the story of the red riding hood (yeah, silly of me, i know), and he drew circles on the paper, reluctant to start the story, until we have to tell him to stop doodling..

Its been almost 10 yrs since I last played such games. Its funny that I would feel afraid to play it if you ask me to now. ”

” When i was small, i used to be very timid(afraid of dark and alone) and when i sleep i would cover my whole body with blanket.

One day, it was a normal day. but at night when juz before i am about to doze off this is what i encounter..

i closed my eyes and begin to fall asleep suddenly i felt that my head was very heavy, i feel i am being sucked into something and i began to hear noise.

it was very noisy, i couldnt figure out what that strange noise is. i can only describle it as a very distorting and random noise, its more like a very noisy background with many people talking or shouting, banging of things etc…

at that time, i am not asleep i know it very well, i was very frighten i tried to open my eye but i cant! i could still move my limb and hand, it was a very strange and frightening encounter.

i began to chant chinese prayer in my mind hoping the noise would go away at the same time i tried to slap my leg, pinch myself to so-call wake myself up.

after abt 2 – 3 min i finally manage to *wake myself up* i got up, my eyes was opened i am sweating heavily. realised the noise was gone. i felt so relieved, now… i could only hear the noise of the fan.

that time, i was sleeping on a sliding bed beside my brother. i am so scared my mind was blank and somehow i felt so sleepy but i didnt dare to close my eyes. because when i close my eyes and tries to sleep, the same thing will happen again. i felt it was a long night, finally i went to my parents room i told my mum i had a nightmare.

my mum pour me a glass of water and tuck me into bed tapping me into sleep and i finally fell asleep.

that experiences i had was the first, but not the last…

it happened sometime weeks or months later or sometimes 2 – 3 days not really frequent. sinces i was in primary 5 when i first encounter even till i am secondary sch or ITE i forgotten.

i hav forgotten when is the last encounter i had, but i seriously dont enjoy or dont wanna experience that again.

i hear stories of being push while asleep but i am very clear that i am not asleep when that happen, and i could feel i could move my limps each time i always could managed to get up awake but when i close and tries to sleep again the feeling will come again, tis cycle goes on and on till i finally fell asleep.

was it that i am being disturbed by something

or was it i am too tired?

untill now i still couldnt figure out yet…

anyone experiences similar thing like me before? “

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