Haunted Hotel Room

This story happened when I just finished studied up north. It was past after midnight. I was at Alor Setar alone. I was supposed to drive back to KL that night. But my parents can’t deposit the money I needed, so I was stranded there. That time no online banking, need to use the machine to deposit money.

So, continue with my story, in my wallet left only RM5 and my car fuel already running low. Sleeping in the car was out of the question, scared bad thing will happen because Alor Setar after midnight is like a ghost town. Searched for surau or masjid, but all dark and locked. Can’t call any friend because that time cell phones are a luxury thing. Students can’t afford to own one.

So, out of desperation, I looked for a 2 star motel. Found one. I choose 2 star motels because usually the owner is the 1 manning the front desk. I walked in, told the auntie my predicament. I said, I need a place to stay overnight but I don’t have the money to pay for the deposit. I promise to pay the next day after my parents deposit the money.

At first she was reluctant, I showed her my student identificaion and let her keep my documents as collateral if she agrees to let me stay. She went inside, I think she was talking to her husband. Later she agreed, but I must pay extra RM50 for the room. I was desperate so I agreed.

She gave me the keys to a room located at the ground floor. It was just 1 room, no other room beside it. I walked in, was surprised because the room was big. I thought, so nice the auntie to give me this room. I thought she will give a small room, with just 1 single bed with no TV or toilet. But this room was very big with a queen size bed and a big bathroom.

So, as I was too tired, I didn’t even change my cloth, I just jump on the bed and want to sleep. Now this is when the horror start. I woke up around 2am. Heard the pipe water running. As I was too tired I just walk into the toilet and turn off the tap. Walked back to bed. Then I heard whispers. I just acted cool. Just want to sleep. Then I felt like someone just laid their body behind me. Ok, now I’m starting to feel scared. I just covered my whole body from head to toe with the blanket n hope for the best. I heard chains being dragged on the floor, a woman’s voice like crying, feeling the blanket like being pulled a little. I wanted to run out of the room but I was too scared to open the blanket and see what was actually disturbing me. So I just bare with it. Closed my eyes n recite any quran that I could remember. Well the disturbance did continue throughout the night, before I knew it, its already 6am. And things become calm again. I slept till 8am, went out, walk to the front desk and ask if I could use the phone to call my parents. They told me that they have already deposited the money. To cut the long story short, I paid the fee and check out straight away. I didn’t even shower that morning.

I took a shower at one of the rest points at the highway, and catch some sleep in the car before I continue my journey back to KL. Never told anyone about this. Even my parents because I don’t want to make a fuss later and call the hotel and complain about giving me a bad room. My friends also don’t know. A I kept this story to myself for more then 10 years, I just treat it as my personal adventure.

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