Haunted House

These incidents which i am about to relate happened in my previous house which was in Tampines. The blocked in which i was staying is roumoured to be haunted and throughtout 13 years we stayed there were many unexplained incidents that happened.

The first incident happened to me when i was about eight years old. We had just shifted into our house and every one was exhausted after a long day. I was sleeping in a room which i shared with my grandmother and two younger sisters.

In the middle of the night, i suddenly woke up from my sleep. While i was trying to get myself back to sleep, i heard the sound of a dog barking. Being Muslims, my family does not keep a dog in our house, therefore, i thought it was the neighbour’s dog but i thought it was strange as the barking of the dog was so loud and clear that it was as if the dog was in my room itself, so i opened up my eyes to check and boy did i get a shock of my entire life, right in front of my eyes, i saw a dog standing at the foot of my bed. For a moment, i could not believe what i saw and sat staring at the dog. The dog just continue barking and staring at me. Finally reality sank in and i started screaming and crying for my grsnadmother.

Upon my screamings, the dog just ran away to the kitchen and jumped out of the window, the window was locked which means to say that the dog just pass through the locked window!(I can see the kitchen from my room) In any case, none of my neighbours actually kept a dog. After that incident, i had a very high fever for a few weeks and only recovered when my grandmother brought me to a bomoh and he gave me some holy water to drink.

The next incident that i could remember clearly was when i was about 14 years old. It was on a Thursday night at dusk time, now if you are a Muslim, you would know that the Muslims believe that the spirit world is at its strongest during this day. I saw my mother going to the washroom in the kitchen with a towel which indicates that she was going to shower, i find this a puzzlement as my mother is a superstitious woman and the Muslims believe that it was during this time that the spirit world would gather in the “dirtiest” place and the toilet is one of them that is why it is not adviseable to use the washroom at this time unless it is when you want to cleanse yourself for prayer.

So i called my mother to ask her how come she was using the washroom at this time, but when i called her, she did not respond to me. By the third time i called her, i was practically shouting and just as i was about to tap her on her shoulder, she just disappear, then i heard my mother calling me from her room, apparently she was praying and could not answer to my call! So my question is, who was it did i just saw?

Anyway my mother and granmother consulted several bomohs and we were told that indeed there was a spirit staying in the house and its favourite place or rather its “home” was the washroom in the kitchen. All the bomohs that we consulted said that it was impossible to get rid of the spirit as it was very strong. My uncle said that the block where our home is situated at used to be a place where the Japanese used to torture the locals, how true it is i do not know. There are a lot of other incident that happened in that house but of course it is not possible for me to tell it all today, so maybe another time folks.

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