Haunted Kranji Estate

Let me share with you my knowledge about paranormals. At Kranji there is a small deserted HDB estate that nobody will go near. There is a singapore ghost hunters website somewhere and they do a tour that takes you there which leaves about 2 am. I was thinking of going but I have heard that there has been some grim events take place on the tours. I think there are 6 or 7 deserted HDB blocks and all the residents had to leave because of the activity there. You need to ask a local about this.

There were also some old HDB blocks demolished in Chinatown as there were strange goings on. Spooked all the residents and they had to get out. They used to back onto CTE/AYE and they had a large rainbow type of mural painted on them. I used to pass them everyday on my way to work out at Jurong. Anyway one by one the residents ‘departed’ and the blocks were left as an empty shell with only the very brave attempting to go near.

I tried to ask some questions around chinatown about these but constantly came up against tight lips and people telling me stuff like’ you shouldnt come round these parts here asking them sorts of questions’ so I just gave up. But rumour has it, there was lots of strange activity around there.

In Perth Australia, they built a whole new trendy housing estate called East Perth on a burial ground and when they did the sales launch they had a big banner up saying ‘East Perth is Living’ which you could see as you drove up the Graham Farmer Freeway.

Back to Singapore, if you hang around HDB void decks at night especially on older eststes like Gim Moh, Toa Payoh, Old Ang Moh Kio (very old part near community hospital), Queenstown you will see and hear things after the witching hour……

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