Haunted Old Sispec Camp

I encountered a spooky incident once at the Old Sispec camp which was located in the inner side of Pulau Tekong.

I still remember the timing , It was just round 10mins to 6 a.m

During that morning, my company went for a mass run at the S.O.C course track and after that we went to the cookhouse for our breakfast

From the s.o.c area to the cookhouse, there was a straight up road linking to the forest ,to the right side of the road is the tennis court and the left is the bravo Co and the parade square

At that moment of time, I was looking at the cross junction linking to the forest, I saw a white female figure with very long hair floating from the path linking from the bravo Co and then went up the road and cut into the forest

I was so shock that I don’t really believe that If I really saw something or is it due to the mass run which caused my eyes to play tricks on me. I turn around to my buddy who is a Malay and I ask him straight away “Did you see something?” , his answer was “Yes”

The best thing was, 1 day later we will be having our outfield at the same area where we saw the thing.

That night my buddy had serious stomach clamp and he was OOC..

That was the only time I encounter any strange stuff at the old Sispec.

By the way I was lucky enough that I didn’t see her “face”, I saw only her side view with hair covering her face and back view.

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