Haunted School

Once, when I was in P4, I had remedial classes at the 3rd floor. One of the naughty boys told us to hide in the toilet. While all of us in the toilet are laughing, a teacher came in. When the teacher was washing her hand, the lights went off. All of us started screaming except me. I thought it was 1 of the girls playing a fool. Then the lights came on again. We started to go out.

Then when we were talking, we heard someone laughing. I thought the teacher we saw in the toilet was the one laughing. Then suddenly we saw the teacher stomping towards us with an agry expression. We were all scared. The teacher scolded us for laughing at her since she slip when she was about to came out. Then i told her we did not laugh, but she still did not believe it. So we just listening to whatever she says. I told my friend what happen and she there was a red ghost in the right hand cubicle while a green ghost ih tne left end cubicle.

My teacher told me this story. Quite a long time ago a teacher made a plan to make up an aerobic class for teachers at 7 in the night. While they were doing aerobics following the teacher on stage, a sort of soldier march out with a knife. All the teachers started running away especially the teacher on the stage and they never made any plans anymore in the night. We realize it was a Japanese soldier.

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