This happen in my school at Bedok. Sorry I can’t tell you my school name. Everyday, always got something disturbing my best friend. But not only her been disturb. As well as my other friends and me. When me and my five best friends walking to the hawker.

We were chatting so happily while walking to the hawker. Suddenly something pull my friend’s hair and beat her. She keep on screaming, me and my friends stared at her screaming. We thought that she was fooling us. Then it seem to one of my friend that is not fooling us, she immediately pull my friend (who got beaten up by something) away! She down there crying of painful, we look at the hand mark on her arm.

The “things” have been following my friend. Even me have been disturb in the school and at home. My friend also been disturb. Till this day, the “things’ still follow my friends. At that night (12/04/02) was parents’ meeting night. My whole group if friends and i were waiting for the parent’s meeting over.

We went to canteen to play and chatting, my 2 friends and I were about to go buy drinks. Then my friend (who got beaten up by something) quickly get up and screaming. I was so shocked and look at her. My friends also got shocked and scared, we quickly pull my friend away from the “thing”. Then we went to crowed place, I saw something flew with the light. I not the only one who saw, then we scream and ran away.

Some of my friends cry, and I down there comfort them. I wish the “things” don’t ever follow us again. Every time we complain our parents. And they don’t believe us. We don’t know how to get rid of the “thing”.

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