The Japanese Flag

This is a story about my friend who told me. He was from the school band, who always use to stay until very late after school, for band practices. He told me about wat he saw during that night…..

Here the story start….

His school always dismiss about 2 something as we study in the different school. He and some of his friends about 5-6 band members will stay until very late about 3-8.30pm…. I asked him, ” Hey guy! don’t you scared that u and your friends can’t go home from the gate as the cleaner have lock up the gate? Teachers allow you all to stayed until so late meh?” He told me that they always climb out of the gate when they are going home,after they finish practising. And the teachers gave them a key as they are the leader that in charge of the locking up band’s room.

He told me one scary incident that happens on one night, about 8 something pm. They are packing and ready to go home as normal after practising. There are about 4 persons on that day included him. When they are walking down the staircase from the 4th storey, suddenly, they heard people marching. The sound came from the parade square.

They are so curious. He told me, ” It was really weird! I really wonder who’s praticing footdrill so late, it wasn’t sound like two or three people marching, but one big group!”

After that they went down to the parade square to take a look, but there was no one. Suddenly, one of his friend shout, “LOOK!”. He told me that, our singapore’s flag was missing, it was replaced by Japanese’s flag! He was scared and his legs are just like roots stick to the ground. His friends pull him and run for his life, he told me.

He said that everyone of them are too weak to climb out of the school’s gate, because their legs are like jelly! After this incident, he and his 3 friends never ever dare to stay until so late. Before the school’s gate close, they already ran home.

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