Third Eye

I was a polytechnic student few years back. I was attending a camp back then and i remembered clearly what happened those few days.

We were camping at the business block and that time was ard 3am. We couldnt sleep so a few of us were chatting. Among us, there was one guy who is a malay and who happens to have the 3rd eye. He was telling us that the business block is very ‘dirty’. He said from where we were sitting(we were sitting at the staircase at that time), he can see the opposite block, 4th floor corridor, there are some movements. Definitely not humans because he said they are somewhat translucent. And there are alot of them! Just walking up and down the corridor. Imagine our fear when we heard it. We immediately went back to the classrooms to sleep even though we took a long time to do so…

Another incident was we were camping as well and just so happened there was another club holding a camping activity. There was a girl sitting a few tables from us. She belongs to the other club. So we shared one foodcourt. Again my 3rd eye fren was with us. And suddenly out of curiosity i asked him whether can he see anything and he said yes! he said there is one male ghost standing beside the girl who belongs to the other club, looking down at her. We were scared stiff so we change the topic.

Moments later, we asked again n my fren say that ghost is gone. So we continued with our chit chat. then again we asked my fren the same question(we were very curious at that time mah)n imagine our horror when he say the ghost is just standing in front of us looking at us! but he dun look horrible or anything, he look like a normal teenage guy. My fren asked him hoe he died and the ghost replied he committed suicide cos he failed his exams. He was one of those students who studied there during the 80s. Then my fren asked why din he go for reincarnation but the ghost din reply. Then we just continued with our conversation then afterwards we asked our fren is he still there n my fren replied he is gone.

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