Haunted School In Changi

Hi, my name is Siti. I shall not reveal my name that people always call. Well, this story is a story I heard from my sister. She was in a school in Changi and she have encountered a few creepy experience in that school. Her friend once told her that in her school at 3rd level, it’s empty. If u go to that school 3rd level, when u come out of the lift, all u would see is just walls at the side and toilets. Her friends once encountered a spooky thing while they were at the 3rd floor.
They went to the 3rd floor and after a few seconds, the lights at the 3rd floor were blinking. Even the button lights in the lift are blinking. The lift door were also opening and closing repeatedly…when they were scared, they quickly go to the first floor.
Another story, my sister and her friend go to the toilet at the first floor and they saw a closed cubicle Maybe there were someone inside. But the strange thing is. The light at the cubicle is green which means no one is inside. But the door were shut tightly. when my sister go down to see if there’s anything, there were no legs at all!!but the door is shut tightly. They were scared so they ran out fast.
Last story, my sister and her friend also have encountered an experience at the staircase. You know, usually a staircase would have lights right? But one of the stairs at one of the level is off. So it’s dark. But my sister and her friend(boy) have heard a woman shouted loudly. Another two of their friend(girls) had also encountered the same thing but on different day. The thing is, they said they heard the same voice that shouted…well, maybe there’s an untold history about that school. I don’t know. What I know is, that school have ghost.

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