Haunted St John’s Island

I had my secondary school camp at St John’s Island, a couple of stuff happened to my friends and school mates.

1. We had the all-important night walk. A camp full of girls walking around at night without street lights is never a good idea. I’m not too sure how many campsites are there on St. John’s island, but ours was situated near the beach and a patch of forest area. So imagine a whole cohort of teenage girls with torchlights, in pairs and in an orderly line with a scattering of teachers in the front and back. We were led into the forest up a very small hill (apparently there was a cemetery inside or something; it was too dark to see anyway) and along the way, before we entered the mouth of the forest, there were screams of girls fainting at the back of the line, lost girls, and all that stuff.

So we stopped at the mouth of the forest, doing head counts and whatnots, with my partner and I in the middle of the line, holding hands and scaring each other with the torch light. Suddenly this curious scene caught my eye. It was approx. 150-200 m away from where I was standing, a line of young students passing our line perpendicularly. The only problem was, I could only see the bottom half of their bodies crossing. And passing through my school mates in front. At first I thought it was just the play of lights from the torch lights, but when the teacher at the front of our line shone towards our direction and I see light passing through the figures, I froze. And grabbed my partner’s hand tightly. It was a good 5-10 minutes of seeing the figures pass through, before a sudden scream from a girl infront had all of us dashing down that hill in terror. We finally got back in the line, and resumed our journey into the forest.

The thing is, as we had all the commotion and chaos, the line of students crossing our line perpendicularly was still there. And walking. So when it came to my partner and I at the offending scene, I told her to stop when I squeeze her hand and walk when I say :”go.” I let a “good sister” pass first before doing a quick step across their path.

2. One of our school mates went missing after a free period after dinner during that same camp. She reportedly went to the beach, and never came back. It was only discovered when we did the headcount before bedtime. Of cos, marooned on an island with very bad reception ( I’m not too sure if mobile phones were even trendy then!) made everybody really panicky and screaming. First her class was tasked to look for her at their bunker. Next was dispatching prefects paired together with teachers to the beach while assigning two to stand guard at the entrance of the camp to the beach.

After a whole hour of searching, they got the rest of the class to head back to their respective bunkers while the class leaders of each class were roped in to find the girl as well. I was part of my class party who searched for that girl. The bunkers, her bed, the kitchen, everywhere, calling out her name. After a further hour or so, suddenly we had news that the girl was found! The only problem is, she was found in her bunker bed, sleeping. When asked of what happened, she said after her walk at the beach, she felt really tired and slept when the call came to come back to the campsite earlier in the evening. It was, impossible, as we searched her bunker many times, several teachers and prefects were guarding the only entrance/exits, and she said she didn’t hear any thing. How could hordes of girls and teachers all missed her if she was really sleeping in bed? She was the really sweet, studious and serious kind, not the kind who would try to troll the whole school. So where was she when we were looking for her?

3.There were two friends, P and R. Both good friends of mine. They had a short argument at the hall, so R ran off while P continued sulking in the hall. It was in the afternoon, 3-4ish? When P decided to look for R, she went to the toilet furthest from the hall, where my class bunker was. Now, the toilet is constructed in a way that there are two exits on either side, a wall to separate the toilets and the baths. When P came back to the hall, she was crying and shaking. So friends of her asked: What happened?

When P got to our toilet area, she called out to R to see if she was there. R’s voice replied:” I’m here.” P went into the toilet, walked a round and saw no one. She thought R played a very horrible trick on her and decided to walk back to the hall. On her way to the hall, she saw R playing happily in the hallway. There was no way R could run/take a shortcut back to the hall in such a short time. P never came near that toilet again.

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