Ubin Night Trekking

This mystifying incident happened to me (although there were others present too but they weren’t involved) 4 years ago, back in 2010 in Pulau Ubin. This small and (might be the only) natural habituated island of Singapore is well known to trekkers for spooky encounters with “those” from the other side. It has several rumoured haunted spots on the island which I personally did ventured into some of them (which then begin my story).

I came from one of the neighbourhood schools in West Singapore and I was 16 years old back then. Being an adventurous person, I volunteered to join the Hillary Challenge (An international competition consisting of various sports and adventures elements such as canoeing, swimming, running, cycling, topography) and i was appointed as the captain of the 8 men and women’s team.

We trained almost everyday after school hours, being physically and mentally determined, my team and I went to Pulau Ubin for a 2 days 1 night camp training. We were tasked to apply our camping skills ranging from outdoor cooking to tent pitching (which will be used in the competition). Upon arrival on the campsite, we were all famished and thirsty like we experienced famine and drought previously. Hence, we dragged our exhausted bodies to the water point and did our cooking after that.

However, things begin to get weird. Everything seemed like the premonition of an imminent disaster. First, few of us unknowingly consumed the contaminated water and food which shocked all the rest of us (we did checked the food and drink thoroughly and its definitely safe for consumption). Thankfully, my teammates were alright after clearing the containment out of their bodies.

Soon it was dusk, we were revitalised after that sumptuous meal “YK” whipped for us. We had an hour of games, chit chats and mini camp fires before our night training commenced. In a blink of an eye, it was already past 11pm. We were then briefed by our trainer regarding the night walk which we were tasked to trek from the campsite to the harbour, without any aid of lighting devices or other forms of communication with the outside world.

Chill ran down our spines, all of us were beginning to fear for the worst that any ghostly encounters might be possible. However, we were determined to win the local selection and represent Singapore abroad. Eventually, we held hands together and started walking deep into the forest. Our hands were wet, not due to the humidity ; our body trembled, not because of the cold wind gushing through the dense forest, but for the unfortunate fact that we were afraid of risks.

As we ventured on, it was still complete silent everywhere. You don’t see owls, you don’t see fireflies or even any clouds or stars above you. All you could see were towering dark trees and bottomless thick bushes. We dare not to talk for we fear that something might emerged from the darkness and served as sacrifices to the devils. Luckily, our steadiness brought us far enough to see glimpse of light lying on the ground. We know we are almost at the harbour.

Just a few tens and twenties metres away from our destination, “something” caught my attention. Being the “right wing” man in the team, i noticed that “something” was lurking in the bushes. Strangely, it made no sound but my instinct told me that it was the “unexpected”. I saw a white figure, partially translucent wiggling like a caterpillar among the bushes. Horror struck my mind as I was unable to subdue the anxiety and fear in my heart. I quickly looked to the front and tried to be oblivious. Finally we reached the harbour. Upon arrival, I turned back and saw that “something” levitating in the middle of the air and suddenly disappeared. It might be a pontianak, I wasn’t sure.

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