Jalan Bahtera

Back then when I was in Secondary 2, I attended a 3 days, 2 night camp in Jalan Bahtera. I was looking forward to it & the day finally arrives. Everything went super well, not till the sun sets.

This happened on my first night in camp. As you may know, the hut has no door. It is made up of wooden floorings & has an “opened-air” windows. If you also take notice, the wooden floorings aren’t really placed tightly together, instead there are gaps between one flooring to another. You could take a peek from upstairs & will be able to see the ground level easily.

At that point of time, my friends & I hung our towels behind us at the window panels because we were too afraid to leave it wide open.

Well, it was fine for me at first. I managed to let my eyes close & sleep. After a few hours, at about 3 plus in the morning, I was accidentally awoken by my friend’s shoulder. By then, I knew I have to wait a couple of minutes for me to be familiarize with the situation & sleep back. So I tried shutting my eyes, forcing myself to sleep.

The surroundings were eerily quiet. My phone wasn’t with me back then because we weren’t allowed to bring it to the camp thus it was boring. A couple of seconds later, my towel was slowly blowing above my head, perhaps of the wind. Being a nosy human being, I hold up my towel to see what was happening outside. As I peeked, there was a sudden wind gushes through, & my fringe were literally flying. It all happened in a split second.

I had a bad feeling about it so I let go of the towel parts that I held & rushed to sleep. I forced myself to shut my eyes by itself yet again. At that moment, I didn’t realise that there was a humming sound somewhere below my hut. To be very honest, I really thought it was my friend because she will always be that annoying classmate that makes unnecessary noises. So I tried sleeping because I felt safe knowing that my classmate is “awake.”

After a couple of minutes, my heartbeat nearly stopped. I just remembered that NO ONE will be stupid enough to make a humming sound in the middle of the night. It’s beyond impossible if my classmate will make that sound because everyone is fast asleep. If it’s her, why aren’t there any other noises like people talking etc?

I peeped downstairs through the wooden flooring gaps, no signs, no nothing. The humming sound continues. I was literally sweating. I took a quick glance around my hut to spot any weird sightings to convince myself that no one is there with me. The humming sound didn’t seemed to stop. You know when your mom is folding clothes & will hum a tune? That’s exactly the sound I heard.

After awhile, my friend (who accidentally woke me up) woke up. I smiled at her because THANKFULLY finally someone has woken up to accompany me in my fear. She didn’t smile back though, she probably thought I was insane actually. So after she woke up, she quickly switched on the lights.

I felt dumb knowing that there were lights around there & I didn’t switched it on to accompany me when I was scared.

Anyway, the humming sound still HAVEN’T stop at that time. Except that the humming sound now, was further away. I looked at my friend out of curiosity to see if she took notice of the sound as well but she didn’t say anything. She acted as if there was no humming sound that occurred at all. I pretended I didn’t hear it as well to avoid us both being scared.

A couple of minutes later, an Islamic call to prayer was heard in the middle of the woods. Strangely the humming sound was still there. But I quickly hush the thoughts away & went to prepare myself for the activities ahead for that day. I didn’t tell any of my class/schoolmates about that incident up till now.

With that, I end my story.

Oh, my camp hut was in HUT 1, near the high elements section. As you enter my hut from the open door, just imagine me being there, sleeping at the right side of the hut.

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