Haunted Tower At Pasir Ris

There is a tower in Pasir Ris which is haunted. There was a news on it about few years back. It’s about a boy having the 3rd eye thing. He saw something at the tower and went back to tell his friends. His friends, of course, didn’t believe him and challenged him to go back there together at night. At night, they cycled to the same spot and rested at the ground floor. For some reason, the boy (with the 3rd eye) went all the way up to the 5th level alone and jump down. He didn’t die instantly and his friends rushed to him and asked him why did he jump down? He replied that he was just standing at the edge and someone pushed him down. Anyway, he passed away on the way to hospital.

We were having a BBQ session at Pasir Ris beach. A friend suddenly remembered this news and wanted to explore the place. So we walked there. Just as we were near the tower, a friend and I had a weird feeling, like someone was watching us up there. Still, we went up to the 5th level. Only the 2 of us could feel IT’s strong presence. We can even feel where IT was actually standing. We told the rest to leave the place citing we were tired (didn’t dare to tell the truth then).

Back at the BBQ pit, both of us decided to go back to the tower again, however we agreed that we should not go up at all, just at the ground floor will do. This time, we didn’t walk there but took his bike as we figured that we could escape faster with a vehicle. As we were getting near the tower, the same feeling came and we decided to U-turn back immediately. As we were riding back, I heard someone jogging behind me and I told my friend to speed up. As my friend accelerate, the jogging sound faded away like the person behind me couldn’t keep up with our speed. .

Back at home, when I was in my parent’s room doing my reading, I felt a strong presence. I have never felt so much fear in my life before. I dashed out of the room to the living room where I felt more safe. My mum came back later, pulled me aside and asked me nervously who have I offended lately? I can’t remember what was my answer.

For a week, I can feel the presence and I can’t even be left alone (unless in the living room). The same friend called me up and checked if I was okay cos he had the same encounter at his place too.

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