Dirty East Coast Beach

Watch out when u go to east coast park for chalet or barbecue because this could happen to you, it just got to freak u out there. I don’t know whether this really happens or not but it was told to me by a friend of mine, Izad. Since I got computer and stuffs. He hopes that I can pass his story out to people out there and made known to them that there is such things in this world. This is a life account of my friends. Close brush with death.

According to him, the story took place during his picnic trip with his family members to east coast. It was like a normal activity that the family would do on a Saturday night as usual they would set up a tent and his mother would be busy preparing sandwiches and stuff. Whereas his father would go to the jetty to try his luck on fishing. He and his sister, Nana would usually go roller-blading as they love the cool morning breeze passing them as they blade. However that night the siblings were too tired out that they didn’t have the strength to do their normal roller blading, all they did was sit in the tent and waste their time..

Out of boredom Izad, who is schooling who belongs to the video photography club, decided to take some photographs of the scenery of east coast at night. He felt that it would be the only enjoyable thing to do other than sitting in the tent which seems to be barbecuing themselves alive. He searched his bag for his camera in which he would never leave home without it. He is very enthusiastic photographer and he feels that he should be prepared as great scenery and unbelievable expressions on people might turn up anytime.. He and his siblings had taken a few shots here and there. Izad had a very strong feeling that the film of the camera would reveal his best works. He just can’t wait to finish that roll of film. Damn, it’s going to be the last shot! Hey Nana give me the nicest pose u can give.., Izad said to his sister who was a real true beauty. And so Nana lied down on the pathway pose just like any models would do. Izad had a strong feeling about the next shot he intend to take. The bushes beside her seemed to admire her beauty and the little touch of the moonlight on her face really brings out the beauty in her.. Just as he was about to take a shot. The bushes rattled and a very strong gust of wind blew past. Izad was shocked, he was mummed. Nana shouted at him, “Hey come on! Its getting cold out here, take this last shot quick.” Nana seemed shivery. Izad was unsure whether he wanted to take the shot. He just feels uneasy, cold it be??? He tried to get it out of his mind. Its only the winds, its only the winds. He kept thinking to himself. Finally he was ready to take the shot. Nana get ready. “Izad behind u!!!!!!,” Nana shouted before she ran away. Izad without much hesitation turned around and what he saw freaked him out. During the long exchange of eye contact, Izad had managed to click his last shot on what he saw. Amazingly, he was sure that the camera clicked a few times when it was supposed to be the last shot. After that he fainted.

When the film was developed, all his earlier shots were found to be not taken and all the shots turned out to be the last shot. And it is a very frightening picture, for those who want to see it, contact me.

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