Haunted East Coast Park

This incident happened many years ago, I went to East Coast Park with my group of friends for camping. That time when you pitch a tent, you doesn’t need to apply anything for it… So we were gathering around the tent and talking about East Coast Park, the view, the sea all that… You know, girl’s talk. Hehe.

And my friend said that within East Coast Park, there’s this tunnel which will lead out of the Park to somewhere else. And she heard that once, there’s this group of bikers who were riding at night thru the tunnel. Suddenly one of the biker (whom I will name ‘B’) begin to ride very slow compared to the others and he was riding in the last place. His friends was puzzled and ask him “why?”, he replied that he doesn’t know why either… Just don’t have the strength to cycle out of sudden.

While within this group of friend (I would name him ‘A’), there’s someone who have the “3rd eyes”. He was freaked out after hearing his friend’s replied and he offered to give the friend a ride, just get out of the tunnel ASAP. When they were out of the tunnel and a distance away, the others asked A why his face turned so pale etc. A said that he saw a old lady was pressing against B’s shoulder while he was cycling. Those whereby you can stand on the stands on your bike? The old lady was “pressing” against B’s shoulder, thus B find it hard to cycle forward due to the ‘weight’.

And oftenly, I think Incredible Tales once shown before of a tunnel. It’s a grandma and a grandson who got killed in a accident near a tunnel. I can’t remember the exact accident but it’s at East Coast Park. Often bikers who went there to cycle will see a old lady finding her grandson near bushes and around the tunnel.

Some also say a pregnant lady falls in the tunnel and causing both lives to be gone, and often could heard crying baby sound in the tunnel itself..

EEeeek, sound really scary. But not sure whether it’s true cos I don’t cycle at night! Eeek.

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