Labrador Park BBQ

This happened during the mid 80’s. We planned a BBQ which would take us there around midnight after a function. When we reached the hill top, it was almost midnight. During those days all the lamppost will automatically switch off at midnight. At first we wanted to take a short cut through the old petroleum pipe lines staircase but since it was too dark without the lamppost we had take a longer way cutting through the park going down a long staircase which lead to the middle of the park facing the sea.

We we arrived we had to use the BBQ pit (3) in the center of the park, as the one nearest to the toilet, BBQ pit (2)was already occupied, and the remainder too far.

As some of us started preparing the fire, about 4 of us including myself took along a pail to toilet to fill up water. Along the way to the toilet we could see the people at pit (2) still BBQing away, pretty smoky however after we filled our pail and on the way back to our pit, those people at pit (2) were gone. We merely spend about 10mins in the toilet, how could those people at pit (2) vacate so fast leaving without a trace ?

We even inspected the pit but there was no sign of any BBQ activity, no burning charcoal, or if to eliminate BBQ fire usually we pour water over pit, but there was totally nothing, and the rubbish bin next to pit also pretty empty, how could anybody able clear up so fast? in span of 10mins ??

If you go BBQ in park, how many people bother to clear up the pit especially when charcoal still burning ?? Anyway it didn’t bother us and we continue our BBQ through without any other encounters. Anybody have similar experience at that location too ? Could 4 persons eyes be playing trick at same time??

Till today it still puzzle me, and I always go back there in the middle of the night hoping to prove myself we wasn’t imagining what happen on that fateful night but haven’t been successful. Maybe because these days the park is more well lit.

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