Offshore Island Encounter

Let me tell you all about my real life encounter with one 6 years ago i was working on an offshore island near Singapore i was the tough rough necked type as my work required me to do technical maintenance on ships that night i had worked late with my colleague on board a vessel and we had to stay overnight in the workshop. At around nine plus when i went back to workshop for spares i started hearing some voices speaking in the workshop i didn’t think much about it as i thought i could be hearing wrong. Finally at around 10 plus we had completed the job and proceeded to the rest room in the workshop where we could rest on the sofas. My colleague who was an old hand in the company told me to lock the main door and the back door of the workshop. he insisted that workshop lights be turned off , the rest room which is within the workshop to have its lights turned on.Strangely though after watching TV for sometime he insisted that we should turn in for the night at 11plus. Boy that bastard went to sleep mode damn fast. I did not feel comfortable on the old sofa plus the lights were on so i was in no mood to sleep

At around 12plus i started hearing an the voice of a lady crying outside the rest room in the main workshop. my heart was pumping into overdrive as i knew i had locked all the doors and there was simply no way any body could have got into the workshop. soon i could here some one was kicking all the cardboard boxes that we had on the floor at the workshop. Soon there were footsteps coming closer and closer to the door of the rest room. That thing went into the rest room but i couldn’t see it but i could sure as hell hear it screaming away in a language that sounded like Malay in front of me lying on the sofa. Scared to shit i started scolding that damn thing in all the most colorful hokkien vulgarities. Curiously that damn bitch went silent. As i couldn’t wake up my colleague who was fast asleep on the floor i rushed out of the rest room into the workshop and switched on all the lights. well later on i spent the rest of the night sitting on a low table in the workshop not daring to sleep the whole night of course. the strangest thing was that initially that thing had uttered a language that sounded like Malay to me but as that thing continued to yabber on its language had started to degenerate to what sound to me like rubbish gibberish in other words not a language at all.

My point being that i believe that ghosts are not of human origin but are actually demons and unclean spirits i believe that when u die u either go up or down these demons of not human origin are capable of imitating and mimicking humans and human forms. So it is my strong belief that the so called ghosts are not of any HUMAN or RACIAL origin.

The next day following the incident i interrogated my bastard colleague and he told me that he was well aware of that thing’s existence it liked to come in to the rest room to sit on a chair opposite my sofa. He told me i would have seen it if the rest room lights were not on, he explained to me that with lights off i would see the figure of that thing. He also told me that he had not bothered about it although he had seen or felt it many times during his few occasional overnight stays due to overtime work.Later on i confirmed with another colleague that strange things had been going on in the restroom he had his shoulder tapped before in the room when all alone. Soon afterward i turned to Christianity and good lord saved me from the trauma that i suffered.

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