Thailand Beach

This incident occurred to me earlier this year. I had to oversee a project in Pattaya for a week, since my Thai GF was on leave then, she accompanied me.

As my Thai GF loves the beaches, (There is no beach in Bangkok, the nearest beach is a couple of hours of driving away), we decided to stayed in one of the beach front resort (Under company account of cos!)

As during the daytime, I would be away to work on the project, my GF would laze around on the beautiful beach or would go shopping or sight seeing. She would then wait for me to return from work and we would go out for dinners and clubbing.

My project was completed earlier than expected and it being a Thursday as my GF seems to be enjoying the trip (Things that I do for her!! :disgust2: ) I decided to extend the trip till Sunday’ evening before driving back to Bangkok.

For the next 2 days, we enjoyed the sights and scenes of Pattaya especially the night scenes.

It was around 2am when we return to our room on Saturday’s night or rather early Sunday’s morning after spending the evening drinking and dancing at a local club. My GF had this a crazy idea of doing a skinny dip and making out in the ocean, I never tried that before but was game enough.

The beach was quite deserted and pitch dark at that time, both of us went into the ocean and waddle up to the chest height water. We started kissing and fondling each other.

Suddenly, my GF told me not to pinch her rear buttocks too hard. I was surprise as one of my hands was hugging her waist and the other hands…ahem…on her chest’s area. I ignored her and continue what we were ahem…doing, about 5 mins later, she looked scared and now knowing where my hands were, she claimed that something had pinched her rear. She was really frightened, I thought maybe it was bcos of the alcohol we had consumed earlier on that might lead to her having the illusion. As we slowly waddle back to the beach, something swam passed me and in the next moment, I saw my GF struggling and was pulled below the water surface for a few seconds. I immediately went to assist her and managed to pull her back to the surface, my GF’s face by then has turned pale (She is actually very fair for a Thai gal but her face at that moment was really really pale and frightened). She said that something had grabbed her ankle and tried to pull her down trying to drown her.

We managed to reach the beach finally and she was limping badly and I could smelt the smell of fresh blood on her foot. I carried her all the way to our room.

When I switched on the light and started to clean her wounds, she had sustains some cuts that was bleeding. I bandaged it and held her in my arms to sleep.

The next morning, before we checked out of the resort, I changed her bandages and to our shock, there was a distinct blue-black mark which clearly represent that a human’s hand had clasp really hard on her ankle thus leaving the blue black mark. I tried to explained to my GF that probably she had her leg trapped between 2 rocks that caused the bruise markings and with the tide coming in and the waves coming in as well, plus the liquor we had consumed earlier, it might had cause her to imagine someone was pulling her.

As we were checking out, we had a short conversation with the bellhop. I told him that it was a nice place for a swim at night. He looked at us disbelievingly. What he told us, shocked us.

He said that after the tidal wave in Dec 04, there were a few cases of drowning in the vicinity. These victims had went swimming in the night and had drown, some victims were never found but those whose bodies were washed up, there were bruises on their legs which looks like a clasp hand!!!

On the way back to Bangkok, my GF after hearing the Bellboy’s story, was in no position to drive. Once we reached Bangkok, we went to the temple to pray.

Even until today, my GF does not dare to go swimming in a pool and let alone the beach!

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