Headless Entity

My friend,the school teacher told us this story about his school warden friend. It all happened on one cloudless night when it was the warden’s turn to sleep in and take care of the kids at a boarding school. He has slept there countless times but this night was different.

It was a hot cloudless night and the moon was bright. Visibility was moderate and there was no wind. Soon, by 10.00 pm it was lights off for everyone. The warden’s room was on the second floor. The hostel was overlooking two basketball courts. The school was in a semi-rural area of Singapore.

The warden was instinctively awaken at 2.00 am. He did not know why he had suddenly awaken. Nevertheless, he got up and went to the table near the window to get his glass of water.

As he stood by the window drinking, he noticed that there was something moving across the basketball courts in a very random manner. Straining his eyes, he suddenly became aware that what he saw was a headless black entity!

He rubbed his eyes a few times but it was still there. Taking a torchlight, he went down to investigate further. He was scared but curiosity got the better of him.

There was a long corridor from the ground floor staircase to the exit door to the basketball courts. When he was starting to walk along the corridor towards the exit door, he became aware that the exit door was open.

At an instance, there was the entity blocking the exit door. Both the warden and the entity stood facing each other about 5 meters away for a few seconds.

Out of a sudden, the headless dark entity rushed towards the warden and slammed into him and disappeared into thin air !

The warden fell sick and was hospitalized for the next 3 weeks. He never returned to the school even after he had recovered. He had applied for a transfer to another school with an official recommendation letter from the hospital psychiatrist.

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