Classroom Ghost

The bell rung and Miss Lee entered her favorite class of 3B. This class was full of mischievous 15-year old boys and girls.

After the usual ‘Good mornings’ , Miss Lee proceeded to stand in front of the class and started to open her Geography textbook.

Sitting right in front of her were two of her most favorite naughty Chinese girls, Shanna and Adele. They kept talking and giggling even though Miss Lee was already starting her lesson.

Suddenly the two girls stop talking and started to stare at the direction of the Teacher’s desk which was at the right front of the class. They turned pale.

Miss Lee was puzzled.She moved towards the desk to trying to figure out what the girls were staring. The whole class suddenly became as quiet as the graves.

Finding nothing, Miss Lee sat on the desk and continued her lecture from there. Suddenly the two girls started shivering and screaming. Almost immediately, both ran out from the class screaming with the entire class amused, watching their almost comical antics.

Miss Lee told the monitor to take care of the class and quickly rushed after the two girls. The two girls ran downstairs and into the cafeteria. They sat there crying, wailing and screaming.

Teachers from the nearby staffroom came out and went to see what had transpired.The girls just could not stop screaming for the next 20 minutes.

Finally, the teachers managed to calm them down. Later they were sent to the Counseling Room and they told the Counselor what they saw in the classroom.

“We saw an old horrible-looking woman standing behind the desk.She was looking and smiling at us,” said Shanna.

“Yes, when Miss Lee went to sit by the desk, the woman suddenly floated behind Miss Lee,” added Adele.

The Counselor asked “Both of you saw the same woman?”

“Yes !” replied the two girls.

Their parents were called to the school and they were allowed to go home after the traumatic experience.

Nobody saw anything after that.

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