Truthfully saying, I have never encounter the unknown before … or should I say, I cannot remember … my mom told me that strange things happened when I was young … anyway, that’s not the story …

I think my family are not the occupants in my house. Weird things happened in the house. Not that it/they is/are a violent kind of spirit or spirits …it/they juz let us know that it is there. And the strange thing is that I am the only one who is not disturbed by it or them. U see, I do not know how many of them are living in my house. Maybe, if I have the time, I will tell you the rest of the encounters… Ok, let’s get back to the story …

4 years ago, I had to undergo a minor operation. Since the operating theatre was not free in the day, I had to undergo it at night, around midnight. Did something happen in the hospital, u might ask … unfortunately .. no … anyway, my family(mom,dad,sis and bro), uncles and aunties were all there since 8 pm … telling me not to be scared and all …it is just a minor operation…

Once the operation is done, I am allowed to go home the next day .. so I guess, I was in the hospital for about 24 hours … When I reached home, I was resting, watching tv and all … then my sister’s friend called my sister. The moment my sister put down the phone, I noticed that her face turned white. I asked her what happened … did somebody died or something. My mom came out from the kitchen to check out what was wrong…Then she told us …

The night before, at about 10 – 11 pm (Let me remind you, I was in the hospital with the rest of my family), this friend call my home. Obviously she forgot abt me being in the hospital and all … The spooky this is that somebody picked up the phone … here how the conversation goes ..

Fren: Hello, is D in?

Ghost:D is not in

Fren: Oh, it’s ok ..Thanx

She has not the slightest idea that she was talking to the ghost cause the voice sounds like me! We didn’t have any answering message device at that time … so who was it? Well, that is one of the spookiest thing that happened in my home … Believe it or not, well that is up to you …

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