Hospital Bed

Some time back, I was injured while playing soccer and my hamstring practically torn apart. Thus, I was admitted to a hospital.

In my ward, there are 6 beds, 3 in each of the 2 rows. I was in one of the bed in the middle, thus there are a bed in each of my sides. One on the left, was empty and the other was this caucasian man.

In the first night, i remembered i slept at around 10pm, after my girlfriend left. It was about midnight when i suddenly woke up, and i suddenly noticed a malay guy my age, lying in the bed that used to be empty. I was quite surprised as i know no one would be admitted to a hospital in the middle of the night, except for emergency cases, and my ward was certainly not meant for emergencies. But for a rationale person like me, i didn’t think of any supernatural, but instead i thought that maybe he wasn’t satisfied in the bed he was in before and want to transfer to this bed. I thought to myself, “Finally in a ward of old men, i finally got someone to chat with tomorrow”, since he was my age and race. So i went back to sleep, feeling happy.

The next morning, i found out that the bed was empty! I asked a nurse where and who was the person sleeping next to me yesterday night. And guess what? She said no one! I just couldn’t believe it. The caucasian man next to me, who was quiet all along, said that just a day before i came, a malay guy was in that bed next to mine because of a bike accident, and he died at that very day.

To this day, i don’t know what to make of it. I reassure myself that it was just pure coincidence that i was dreaming aout a malay guy in the bed next to mine. But somehow, it just can’t be………

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