Hospital Incident

I was a year 2 nursing student from College East in 2006. I was attached to SGH for my I.A. as it was part of my module to pass my course.

It happen in block 4 level 3, I was attach to the ward there. Those who are nurses should know where I am talking about.

I have to spend 2 months there in that ward, as I was in my 3 week. I was serving a patient, his kidney was a 2nd stage renal failure, so which means that he is not too far from 3rd stage which will cause him to die.

As I spend a week serving him, I got to know about family & his life. He was quite a friendly uncle, which he often help him pass my time faster thru my shifts in my attachment. So I kinda spend more time with him talking than the other patients. (that’s the good thing about being a student nurse)

After spending a good 2 weeks serving him, he has really become a friend. Then, on a Friday afternoon, when it was the end of my shift, I bid my farewell to him and that I’ll see him on Monday a healthier man. (that was the last time…)

Monday came, I came in as usual. It was 7.15am I was alone sitting at the counter waiting for the change of shift. I saw my favorite uncle, walking to pass the counter to the toilet. I called out to him saying; Aye uncle! You can walk already? That’s Good, That’s Good. Slowly walk ok? Or you want me to help you?

He replied calmly, it’s ok boy. I’m good I’m good. You have been a great help already. You got work to do right? Go go go..then he continue walk on, as he turn into the corner before to enter the gents. He turn and said, “Really ah boy. Thank you so much.”

As a nurse, you get things kind of things a lot. So I went on doing my stuffs. As the shift changed and the passing of reports came. The report of my uncle was not mention in the daily report. So I question about my favorite uncle status.

All the staff nurses were confused, why are you asking about him? Then I said I saw him walking to the toilet just now.

All the staffs was shocked! Then one of the senior staffs pulled me aside to ask me to stop talking. Then she told me that he had died yesterday due to a sudden worsen renal failure which the doctors couldn’t save.

I did not believe at first, I ran to check his former bed. None of his stuffs was there, then I ran to the toilet and check. No one was inside at all! I couldn’t believe it. After awhile I accepted his death, and went to read his case notes. He was pronounce dead the same timing as I saw him on that very day…7.15am.

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