That Wheezing Man

Harhuharhu, an average build foreign national construction man stood there panting at the counter. Just another Industrial Accident (IA) dressing â?” so I though. Being ignorant the man help himself to sit, leaving me wondering was it a prank? I approach him and ask what happened. Later did I know, he canâ?Tt speak or understand the language. I fetch his identity and assist him into the treatment room.

Meanwhile, I inform my co-ordinator on his condition and we suspected him for an asthma trigger. I begin to reassure him, and ironically he lay on the couch bed with palm tugged on his cheekbone â?” without any answer. He was still wheezing hard yet posing that â?~beach paradise islandâ?T relaxation. He looked deep into my sight and smiled. I was stunned. I left the room and dashed to my co-ordinator to handle the questioning in the room. The clinic saw an average crowd that day. I continue the operation. Amidst by the strong voice of my co-ordinator in the room, I sense this isnâ?Tt good. Calling for the doctorâ?Ts review, my co-ordinator rush out for assistance.

When noises from the room broke into silence, the other colleague peep to help. Minutes later – â?oCall the ambulance now!!â? shouted from the room. Without further done, I make the phone call and announced at the patients to stay calm. My curiosity grew, I head towards the room to found out the man was unconscious. Meticulously the doctor inserting life line but was unsuccessful while my colleagues resuscitate the casualty on two men CPR. I could see foaming develop from his mouth, skin was cold and clammy, eyes was mere blood shot yet we still proceed with the resuscitation until the paramedics arrived.

The ambulance came. No pulse, no breathing â?” shortly after investigation, it was declared by the paramedics of the death.

Unfortunately, it was Eve of CNY. Pounding on my disbelieved of what happened; some patients make their way out and left over large red bags of celebration cookies. The doctor off rostered himself after the incident. Patients who left, never came back.

Couple of months later, I received a phone call from a HR complaining about the expensive billing usage of oxygen for the employee. Checking the records, sadly, she was referring about that man. I told her of his death. I guess no one knew of the death.

Nonetheless, spooks and goose bumps still linger here. Wheezing noises and construction boots footsteps was somehow heard. Restless soul? Or just an ordinary legend of mindâ?Ts illusions?

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