Hospital Night

This story was told by my sister, who was a police officer that time. Usually when suspects are injured/sick or watever, they are sent to hospital and then watch over by a couple of police officers. There was one time when my sister said that a couple of her friends was assigned to watch over a suspect at the hospital. It was very late at night and the nurses were making their late night rounds. One of the officer was busy writing on his police notepad and his friend suddenly had the urge to use the toilet. And so his friend went on with his writing while the other one went ahead to clear his bladder.

While he was busy writing, he notice from the corner of his eye that the nurse was amazingly still making her rounds when he swore that he remembered the nurses were finished with it. Not wanting to care much about it, he ignored it. Suddenly he notice it again from the corner of his and then he turned his head towards the “nurse”. To his shock, that was not a nurse but in fact what he saw was unexplainable.

It was lady-like figure with long freaking hair reaching to the legs. It was wearing a white cloth and he could clearly see that the legs of the figure wasnt touching the ground but in fact floating….. the figure was apparently floating from one ward to another …..Overcome with devastating fear, the police officer collapse and he woke up the next morning on the hospital bed. When his superior question him about his weird fainting, he retold the whole encounter..

creepy isnt it?

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