OCH Road Sweeper

It begins with curiousity after all so much tales have been spoken about the old changi hospital. I had went there twice. During the first trip, together with my cousins we saw nothing but lot of curious people like us. In fact the crowd was so overwhelming that 2 SAF soldier came and ask the crowd to vacant from the premises as it was supposed to be a restricted area.

However, I was not satisfied with the first trip after a couple months I decided to check out the place again. This round I asked my friend to come along. Since there is only two of us we have decided to have our supper in Changi village before heading for the spot.

After the supper, as I drove to the spot I begin to share with him about the crowds on my last trip. Half expecting the crowds, I turn into the gentle slope road leading to the old changi hospital. As the road is not lit, I decided to turn on the high beam. We saw a road sweeper in the distance. It was an old man sweeping by the side of the road. Interestingly, he did not react to our headlight. He kept his head down all the while. When we reach dead end which is the old hospital emergency department. It was dark and quiet. There was not a single souls. I was kinda of rather surprise. Hmm thinking that it was not wise to venture out we decided to leave. As we turn back to only road that will lead us back to the main road, we saw the old man again. As usual he seem not to be bother by our presence and the car high beam. My friend and I was jokingly saying maybe we should check him out if he is a human or a ghost. But we lack the guts to stop the car and check him out. When we were in the well lit main road, a couple question came to our mind.

1) Why should an old man sweep the road at this hour (10.30pm) on a dark stretch of road without any street lamp?

2) Can a normal person see under that sort of circumstances?

3) Normally a cleaner wear a luminious vest but he wore none.

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