Hotel In Gelang Patah

This happened some years ago when the 2nd link was just opened. Wanting to explore where the new highway will lead to , me and my girlfriend decided to give it a go and check out. We decided to go in the afternoon and whilst we were there we wandered into a small township whose name would be translated into something like Queens Garden not to far away from Gelang Patah. It then started to pour really pour as in you can bearly see what is 10 feet from your car with the wipers running at full steam, fearing for our own safety we decided to check into some small hotel to hopefully wait out the rain before trying to return to Singapore…. however it rained liked it will never end so we ended up checking into this little walkup apartment which was converted into some super cheap one nite stand motel.

We were given a room right at the corner of the long corridor of which lead to the doors of all the rooms, our room happened to be the one at the extreme end nearest to the stairs and it did not have any windows at all. Didnot pay too much attention until we had our typical seafood dinner and some beer and decided to call it a day. For me I fell asleep not too long but my girlfriend decided to watch some tv and hopefully get tired and sleep too… then it started she would hear sounds coming from the attached bathroom it sounded like water was dripping into some very very deep well but all you had was just your regular floor trap??? after all she got frightened and started to chant some Buddhist prayers suddenly the air con in the room started rattling like they were about to fall off its rails… then she heard a sound as though some one was peeing in the bathroom..she then gathered her courage and went into the bathroom to proof to herself it was all her imagination…. she did there was nothing there…. not being able to control herself she woke me up to tell me about it too our horror whilst I was sleeping I kept dreaming of being in the room as speaking to some long hair male whose face I cannot make out and all I remembered just before I was awaken was that I kept telling him to leave us alone we are just resting for the night!!!!! when I told her about my dream zzzzzzzzz we ran straight out of the room to downstair where there was some 24 hr malay prata joint to seek refuge as it was early morning around 4am .. during our cooling down period we realised we have both been disturbed by the same entity as in I saw him in my dreams whilst she kept having this feeling that it was a male entity from the sound of the peeing….. at the first daylight we gathered all our courage ran into the room picked our stuff and off we headed home……. guess what that was not the coup de’ tate the most scary thing was when she got home, her younger sister got very excited and told her about the nightmare she had … was almost like she watched the whole incident like a horror movie as she could even tell that what was the color of the floor tiles in that bathroom…….

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