Hungry Ghost

Hi guys. This was my first encounter with ghost.

It was at the hungry ghost festival period, which I clearly remembered, it falls on the 15th (Saturday), according to the Chinese calender this year.

As during the 15th day of the festival, people would get to do offerings to the spiritual ghost to commemorate this traditional belief.

It was around 9.30pm when I was about to reach home. While coming back from my usual weekend outing, it was still pretty casual. Nothing unusual happened while on my way home, until I took the lift and reached my floor. Anyway, my house door is just beside the lift.

I was singing softly while on my way out of the lift, as if I thought I have finally reached my home sweet home. However, when I was walking slowly towards my corridor upon turning out from the lift, I saw a tall whitely figure along at the far side of the floor. Immediately, I thought who could that person be late at night? Definitely not my neighbours, not anyone from this block perhaps. I started to peek another glance at the figure while continuing walking very slowly step by step towards my doorstep, and observing the built and creepiness of that white figure.

Here’s the full description of what I observed:

From what I observed throughout roughly 10 seconds of interval, the figure is quite tall, roughly same height as me, I’m around 5ft’10. It looked like a lady as the hair was kind of long, till shoulder length, and covering the face as well. I couldn’t see the face as a result. It dressed in a white long dress till the tip of the legs. It was not moving at all when I first saw it.

As I was one step away from my doorstep, suddenly I saw it started to move! I couldn’t believe my eyes then. When I took a little side glance on the its legs to reassure myself, I was shocked. The legs were not moving, it actually glided very slowly from my left and to the right without any body movement. As if she was responding to me.

As worse as I could imagine, my body started to get very cold, and goosebumps quickly formed within seconds. Within split seconds, I went to open my door as quickly as possible. I closed the door right after that. I was traumatised by the incident as I couldn’t believe my eyes either. I found it strange that it appeared exactly at my floor, why so coincident?

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