Ghost That Followed Me

This incident happened during the 7th month which is the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Back then I was only around primary 4 or 5. Every year during the 7th month period, just below our block we would have opera for the “thing”, and tentages would be build below for praying purposes. We were young back then, My neighbours and I loved to go down to play catching or soccer just below the block.

On this particular day, All of us decided to head down and play block catching. The rules were set before the games, We were only allowed to go only to the 5th floor and no higher than that. We all agreed. My friend was chosen to be the catcher. Now time to run! But i decided not to run around i decided to head at the back alley of the block which was dark and i knew the could’nt find me. After a while, I was still there and no one came to find me. I decided to head back, I found my friends all gathering waiting for me as they couldn’t find me, thus decided to go home.

I was very tired for the day and decided to head to bed. Everything went well for at least a while, halfway through my sleep I woke up. I realised myself being tucked in nicely and lying down in a straight position. I lift my head up to my surprised I saw my dad sitting at the computer table however the computer wasn’t on. It was starting to get creepy so I lay my head down and lift my head just to take another look. This time it wasn’t my dad but it was women with long hair, white gown and I knew it wasn’t my mother as her hair wasn’t that long and was brownish in colour. I was literally terrified but kept still in my bed and covered my eyes with my blanket till i fell asleep.

Next morning, when i woke up i saw my dad and so i asked him ” Hey dad, this morning you come back early ah? Did you sit at my computer table ? “, The answer i got from him was that he just came back home from work. He told my mother and they decided to bring to a nearby temple, The guy at the table who had two people beside him, told me that I had offended a spirit and asked to apologised. He also mentioned that I had accidently stepped on to something causing the spirit to be angry with me as I was unaware of it. I drank the water with a talisman with was burnt with it and after that day i never experience such event in my room again.

Remember don’t play around during the 7th month, You may never know whom you might have offended, Better to be safe than sorry .

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