Don’t Step On It

This happened back in 2011, when i was just a mere lower secondary school girl. I have never believed in supernatural things ever since young, but this incident changed my mind.

It was just a typical Sunday of the Hungry Ghost Festival on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Like most of the children these days, I used to attend tuition to brush up on my studies. As i was running late, i rushed. (My teacher can’t stand students who are late)

Instead of using the cemented pavement, i decided to dash across the grass patches that led directly to the tuition center. As mentioned, i was rushing. I did not notice the burnt incense paper on the grass patch. To make it worse, I jumped over the candles (You’re not supposed to), and accidentally kicked one of it. The flame went out in a weird manner and the incense paper stuck along with my slippers.

I apologized few times and headed for my tuition.

As a free thinker, i threw this incident to the back of my mind.

However, it has probably got to be the worse decision ever.

Weird things happened. I saw figures in school, on the way home and almost everywhere i go. I could feel a distinct presence around me, almost as if it was demanding me to apologize.

I told my friends about it, but none of them seemed to care until something happened. I started breaking down for no apparent reason, did things i have never done, shouted at people and even laughed when i saw offerings on the road. After which, i fell sick, down with a high fever. Of course, my “sanity” was not back. I seriously don’t know what else i did.

Those acts, were as claimed by my friends and family members. I could hardly remember what i did. My father, a Buddhist, took this matter seriously and made me burn offerings at the exact same place where the incident occurred.

After a day or two, I regained my “sanity”. Till today, I could hardly recalled what happened after stepping on the incense paper and jumping over the offerings. The one and only vivid part was seeing the figure; a young girl with a checkered dress in green and two braids, those kind you see in the 70s or 80s.

Just don’t step on IT, OR jump over IT. Make an effort to walk another path unless or otherwise, you’re interested in asking for trouble.

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