I Believe Because

Like you, i was not a believer of supernatural. But after one incident that happened to the front of my two eyes, i’m afraid i have to think twice about it. I remember the year was 1995, i was enlisted for army after my poly and my enlistment date was beginning of august. As a young man, i drink, smoke, fight, what kind of thing never do before? What kind of thing in army can be so tough that I will cry mummy? Never…no such thing, at most if instructor lao lan, then report sick lor.

On my enlistment day, the next day is an important day, the start of hungry ghost festival, so first night when we went down for night snack, i was amazed by what i saw. I dont know whether you been to Tekong but my camp was camp 3 i guess is belong to sispec now. The entire parade square and the basketball court and the road outside which they called the Tekong Highway, the perimeter of it, imagine how long? at least 1 km? Entire perimeter filled with candles, at least a few thousand candles. This is very funny, army people so fit, use gun to fight enemy, put up candles? For what? I don’t know for what, but 2 weeks after my enlistment, one night when we were training pull up at the pull up bar which is behind our building, believe or not, we saw several high ranking officers at least majors and above, all burning joss paper. What is the reason? I dont know, i still dont believe because if there is ghost, why never appear in front of me?

Until one day, one night infact, that time, handphone wasn’t that popular yet so most people will queue up at the phone booth especially after lights off. Illegal actaully so have to be tactical, i finished my call to my gf so i quickly double up to my bunk, i think should be around 1030 or so. Just when i entered my bunk, I saw a figure standing facing at the window, facing the back of our building which is the forest. So then i looked around and noticed the last bed is empty so must be him, bear in mind it was very dark since its lights off. So i went over to him and call him “hey, you ok?”, no response. So i call again “oi, you ok not?” Suddenly, he give out a very big shout “WAHHHHHHHHHHH” and acted like wanted to climb out through the window! At this time a few of the bunk mates was awoke suddenly and wondered what happened, i myself dont even know how to explain to them, then i quickly switch on the lights and see what he is trying to do, fucking hell i thought he gone mad, coz he was trying to hug the window pane like a spiderman. So all of tried to bring him away from the windows and can you imagine, 15 guys cannot even manage 1 man. He was so powerful, his hand can throw you one side. We can quickly call our duty instructor and he informed our OC who was sleeping in the bunk. He came with our encik. I remember my OC was Captain Nazari and my encik was frederik lim who was a former ranger instructor.

When they arrived, i can see they were shocked too, my encik then bring out a beret from his pocket and point the crest at that recruit and shouted ” Whoever you are, this is a command…and you get out of him…NOW!!!!!!” And believe or not…that guy just collapsed on the floor….unconscious. Then they move him to the clinic and the doctor observed him for the rest of the night. What happened i dont know but what i heard was this, after dinner , a group of 4 guys went to smoke but instead of the yellow box, they went to the 6th storey and the toilet facing the forest, which was an isolated corner, so they start smoking and chatting away. Now what happened was that toilet belong to Jaguar company and Jaguar do not have any batch at that time so the toilet was left locked. They were chatting loudly and suddenly, inside the toilet, there was a loud sound like people start throwing chairs or tables around. Upon hearing the sound, they all ran, except for one guy. That guy is the guy that got possessed. After they fall in for night snack, nobody noticed anything and until 1030 when he was standing at the window thats when i noticed him. Well i dont believe in supernatural in the past, but after this incident, i dont believe also cannot.

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