Brunei And Tekong

When i was doing my jungle confidence course in Brunei, we were on top of this hill called Mount Biang for the night. The nearest civilisation was about 6km away and as it was quite high, the weather was cold and raining. I remembered hearing some prayers while trying to sleep. The next morning i ask my mates and they all said they heard it last night. The malay guys especially said they all dreamt about something spooky in their sleep. But as we were really shack out in that mission, we couldn’t care about it.

Another incident was when we were doing mission training in Tekong near the beach area which was near to SIT test area. We were suppose to do topo which is navigation in vegetation with only the help of moonlight to guide us. We were following one another in one line and i was talking and trying follow the outline of the guy when he suddenly disappears! And i realised i wasn’t following a guy but a shadow of something! So lucky i had my mates behind me and i told them i don’t know why the figure i was following under the moon light suddenly gone missing. We retraced our route and took us some time to link up with the rest.

Another place in Tekong which is supposed to be very haunted is the Unum area which is a muddy swamp area near the Tekong hotspring. This place is a very strange place because no walkie talkie or any mobile phone can ever work. It was said to be a place where many soldiers would get holland and walk inside the vegetation for hours as if they were stuck in some kind of maze.

I remembered when i was a recruit in Tekong, dogs would follow us when we were doing prowling and there was this particular area near the ammo dump where the dogs would just sit there without following us up the hill where we need go up and sign our time on the book. And once while we were climbing up, suddenly the dogs behaved very fierce as if they were going to bite something. We were damn scared and quickly walk out of that place in double quick time.

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