Tekong Gryphon

I was enlisted in the army in 1997 Jan. My personal experience with the supernatural was when i was prowling during my guard duty. Then our camp were the current SISPEC camp which was called camp 3. We were suppose to prowl from the guard room up the cookhouse across the MPH down the staircase and around the perimeter of the parade square and then straight through to the HQ and then up the hill beside the ammo dump then return to the guard room. The time allocated for the walk is 45 mins therefore we need to walk at a super slow speed in order not to return earlier.

The funny thing was there will always be 3 dogs following us as we prowl. The incident happened when we were walking across the MPH. Now for those who had stayed in this camp, you must had heard of stories regarding the MPH at night when noises coming out of it. What happened was prowlers the previous night had heard knockings from inside the MPH while prowling and they report back to guardroom and the guards com brought men with loaded weapons to check but couldn’t find anything. Just then as we were about to walk down the staircase, we heard it, the knockings. My buddy says we better go but i was really curious and also we were armed with shield and baton so i ask him to check it out together. As we approach the MPH, we knock on the door and shouted “anybody there?” Just then the guard com call us over the walkie talkie and request us to go back to the guardroom immediately. So we rush back to the guard room as fast as we can and upon seeing our DO, he was confused, he ask whats wrong. So we told him we were merely taking his instruction to return to the guardroom over the walkie talkie. He said he did not call us over the walkie talkie and a further check with the other prowlers confirmed nobody had used the walkie talkie in the last few minutes. We then reported the MPH incident to him and he ceased all prowling activities for the night and we took an early rest and watched some VCDS instead 🙂

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