Inferno Altar

I was on guard duty on the 1st of Lunar July. Side track abit… being a smoker for both of us.. everytime we had duty, we tend to smoke in front of the admin area at nite and chitchatting away.. in fact smokers in my camp usually if spotted us together, will opt to do that duty as both of us can get real slack if the DO was good. As it was the 1st day of lunar july, my butty eugene started to tok cok and suggested tat we share some ghost stories we heard.. but before that we were instructed by our DO to light the incense for the altar at the barracks… so both of us.. LL go light it up…After ensuring everything is alrite, we headed back to the front of the admin area to start the lame story sharing… as usual those slack prowlers would gather and we started sharing our encounters… den that is also when i heard, after months in the camp, the ghostly encounters within the camp

Some stories do freak me out, but some do make me laugh for the aftermath was rather comical… and we carried on until it was time i drove the orderly together for a vehicle prowl…(actually keng timing for the prowlers if u all understand how…) While we were driving, my orderly spotted flashes of blue lights at the darkest area in the storehouse areas, where all of us in the depot call it the DEAD SPOT…due to the story sharing session earlier on, plus the experience months back.. i decided to just ensure its not intruder and quickly make our way back..But just then, the flashes of light disappeared just when i was looking towards the direction of the blue lights my orderly had spotted. I joked with him that it could be his own imagination, and make our way back.. but back in admin area, me and my butty decided that we shall make another v-prowl every 1/2 hour till 12 to ensure there was no intruder as we dun wan to take any chances… DO approved and we start to delegate the timings…

as usual nothing was spotted and the dog prowlers too spotted nothing…

and we decided to “turn in” early..

Dawn approaches soon and we hard to off all the lights.. and we off all the lights in the admin and dinning area while the orderly off the barracks.. from his statement after that, he took quick glance, and the altar was still intact when he went to off the lights.. as he was christian and a non-believer with chinese deities, he did not light the incense and expects any regular sgt to do it later in the day…But, the altar was found to be burnt when we make our way back to the barracks to keep our SBOs… and thru-out the supposed burning.. no one smell any burning or watsoever…. and after putting out the fire, to everyone’s surprise, the whole table including the deity was burnt beyond recognition.. as we all know, for the whole table to be burnt to tat state, it has to be a big fire.. but.. the ash/black marks oni surround a small area and the upper part of the wall that the table was rest on do not show signs of burning, and the roof as well… after cleaning up.. 1 of our regular sgt who knows abit about the praying procedures and such did say that it could be the deity protecting us, or some of them say the deity actually “fought or subdued ” it and leaves the clay figurine..

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