ITE Bishan Encounter

I’m a student of this campus now and will be graduating end of this year by taking up Certificate in Office Skills. I am in the cheerleading team and the vice-capt. What I’m going to tell is what i experience and what my friends experience too. The toilet that is at the whole stretch of the computer lab is haunted.

One of the days when I have Information Technology lesson, it was a rainy day n it was cold since i was in an air-conditioned room. I asked my teacher permission to go to the toilet juz to warm myself. I went to the toilet that is nearest to my Computer Lab and MPH. There is no one except for me alone. I went in to one of the cubicle and suddenly there is a knock at my door. I know something is wrong so i juz keep quiet. When i went out of the toilet, my friend from the opposite block ask me what was i doing in the toilet with a man? I juz say that it was one of friend.

After i went back to my Computer Lab, I realise that i was in the ladies(of coz i’m a girl) and what the hell my friend said that i was in the toilet with a guy. I juz forget the whole thing and continue with my work until after that day my another friends said that she saw a figure of a man in that same toilet but dun dare to go in coz she dun feel right bout’ it. That was really unexplainable coz i am the type of person who can sense, see, feel and talk to the supernatural by nature.

Believe what i have juz said. I’m not the only one said that but there are many girls out there in ITE EAST (BISHAN) experience the same thing not only at that toilet but other toilets that is at the same level with that toilet. That’s all i can say for now but there is still so many things that u have to know about this “things” that i have experience. See you around soon.

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