Chua Chu Kang Sec

I am a sec.3 student from chua chu kang secondary school. I have heard from many people that my school has been built on a cemetery. To top it off, my friends who have stayed overnight in the school for camps have related to me their experiences.

There are two blocks in my school. One is the new block and one is the old block.

That fateful night, my friends were supposed to sleep in the new block. It was about 11.30 pm. Unfortunately, one of my friends named, S, wanted to go to the toilet and she asked my another friend named, D, to accompany her. At first, both of them walked to the toilet in the new block as it was nearer. But it was crowded with some girls who wanted to have a bath before they slept. So S and D decided to go to the toilet in the old block. That toilet was empty. S quickly entered the cubicle.

While waiting for S, D took out a comb and looked up to see the mirror and comb her hair. To her horror, she could not see her own reflection in the mirror! It was like as if no one was standing in front of it! D was too stunned to move! Luckil, S soon came out of the cubicle. She saw D looking really pale and unusual. So S grabbed D’s hand and dashed out of the toilet back to their sleeping area.

As S knew that something really bad must have happened, she took out her aayathul qursi and read it aloud. She also asked D to repeat the verses. After that both of them went to sleep.

In the morning, D told her what happened. S felt very fortunate that she did not look into the mirror that night. Later on, S and D related the story to the teacher in charge. To our surprise, the following week, the mirrors in that particular toilet were removed. They were not replaced for about a year. Only recently, new mirrors were installed on another wall in the same toilet.

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