Chong Pang City

This is a truth story…. 1 year ago, when all my fren were release from school, we have nothin to do so to take a look at the newly build block….(reason as one of my fren gerfren say that is a strange unit there ) Usually Chong Pang has many ppl there and we can hear elderly sitting down chattin but when we got there the things have totally change it is so peaceful and quiet..

Before we went up to where the unit is, we bypass by a stairs that is goin down to the basement carpark. My fren Long(not the realname) saw something floating pass and wavin to him askin him to ‘COME DOWN’. Luckily that i call him or else i dunnoe what will happen ( he only told us abt this after we ran off the BLK)

Then we all went up to the unit. All the rest of the unit is locked. Only one that is unlocked…. We use alot of strength to open the door that seem to be something that push the door against us. When we force open it, there was a very strong smell. The whole room look dusty. We walk around the room!!! Guess WHAT?? We saw body of a dead cat. The fur were still there and it look as if it was burn. Just beside it, we also saw red candle. It seem that ppl have came here too…

There is two room, i name it A & B. In Room A, i saw a sign that is what ppl call the sign of the Satan; a star in a circle on the wall, written “LET IT BE ALIVE”

In Room B, it seem there is ppl have some Sex. There is condom in there and also blood( dunnoe y there is blood) One of my fren, Paul, say to us to leave the place as fast as we could but i wanna stay longer to investigate. Just then, i saw a white object that look like a ball, roll out of the store-room and a loud slam of the door coming from the kitchen. You know we are so call ‘humji’ (coward) so we ran out of the house as fast as we could.

To all, this story to you may sound like a movie but let me tell u this. Is true and i think the unit is still empty.

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