My seconday school’s toilet was kind of haunted. Coz my fren told me that there was this ex NPCC cadet who died long time ago and she appeared in the 2nd level toilet (near the hall). Here goes the story..

I was from NPCC and my friend who has third eye, told me that one of my NPCC seniors fainted in the toilet after she saw the ghost of the cadet who died long ago. It was after her PE lesson and she was alone in the toilet, combing her hair and etc… When she was about to open the toilet door, she sensed that there was some movement around the last cubicle area, which was locked (somehow always been locked up) at that point of time.

Being quite “kaypoh”, me senior turned her head and saw a really fair and beautiful NPCC cadet walking through the cubicle door and smiled at her. The ghost was wearing the old NPCC Tshirt and had her hair bunned up neatly.

Of course, my senior was so scared that she fainted in the toilet and was later discovered by other frens. Think she was being brought to hospital for check up as well.

I wouldn’t wanna disclose what school i was from for reputation sake. It’s in the Katong area. We just shifted to a new school compound in 1995. Was quite an old school and the old compound was even more haunted.

My frenz with third eye saw the ghost before as well, when she was in the toilet with another friend. But it’s a good thing that the ghost didn’t mean any harm. Of course what– would an ex NPCC senior harm its junior? I think it merely wanted to say hi.

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