Siglap Hidden Truth

1) A first nightmare in Siglap occured during my NPCC camp in 1999. It was held in school. Everything went through normally but on the 2nd nite, something unexpected happened. We, juniors, we waiting for our turns for the ‘Nite Walk’. I wanted to act big so i went out alone. When i was reaching the 3rd floor, i heard a giggle. A very soft but high-pitched giggle. I dismissed it as my imagination. Then i saw it. It was right in front of me. It was like a small child but it was naked and had a very round tummy. It’s teeth were razor-sharp. I was rooted to the ground. I ran down quickly back to the parade square. I was shivering but told nobody coz i knew nobody would believe me. The it was my best friend’s turn. She was at the top floor bridge which links the classroom block to the Office block. My inspector and I saw a woman with long-hair and also a short hairy man behind my friend’s back. We were too shocked to say anything.

2)As all of us NPCC cadets knew that the whole of 3rd floor is haunted. Seniors who stationed for the nite walk had all witnessed something strange there. The Music Room and AVA Theaterette are haunted too. We could hear things moving about, screams and giggles in there, sumtimes even during the afternoon. A group of us(10-13 ppl) heard screams and sumtink being thrown inside the Music room, when we were on the way to the Library. It happened at abt 3 pm!

3)The boys toilet on the Classroom blk level 4 is haunted too. I used to be a prefect and was stationed there during the morning assembley to prevent late-comers to put their bags in the classes. I heard the slamming of the toilet door. As i as not allowed to go into the toilet(I’m A GuRl…), i didn’t do anytink. Then i heard the tap being on. (I could hear it because the students were reading quietly at the parade square) I went inside and saw trails of blood drop on the floor. I was very suprised because boys don have their periods and there were no no blood drops when i first inspected it(i wanted to make sure nobody wanted to escape assembly) Then i saw a bloody woman’s head hanging from the small window. It gave me a sly smile which still gave me the chills. I instantly ran down to the parade square. Then i fainted. Luckily only some students and teachers saw me faint. (It’s so embarrsing to faint in front of everybody).

When Siglap moved to it present location, we brought some antique art pieces along. Some of the art pieces are older than me. Some say the figurines are occupied by wandering spirits. We will never know the truth…

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