GreenRidge Secondary Ghost

I was having my annual NPCC camp in 1998. That night was the second night of the camp. We were having the popular Solo Night. I was stationed behing the techinicals block with my friend. We were supposed to looked after the cadets who were supposed to sleep at each coner of the particular area. When we went back to the main assembly area, my friend’s group still haven’t come back yet. When they finally came back, my friend was panicked. She then informed our C.I that her partner couldn’t recognised anyone. Without wasting anymore time, all of us run to the scene. The possessed guy was crouching down and holding his head. When my friend asked him who she was, he answered,”Elham!Elham!”. Now, Elham was beside another girl. They looked at each other. Elham’s face was as white as sheet. So, our seniors took the possessed guy away and the rest of us took care of the cadets. When everything had settled down, we sat together and finally got to know the real story behind all this.

All of us were to partner as a couple, boy & girl. The possessed guy was to partner my friend behind the science labs. They were sleeping facing the jungle. Suddenly, the possessed guy stood up and did a shuttle run while pointing hysterically everywhere and shouted “running!running!” but this guy is a malay speaking guy and rarely speaks english. My seniors and friend were looking at him in shocked while he did that. When he realised that he was being observed, he stopped right in front of them and hold his head as if he was having a headache and screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”. That was when my friend rushed to get our C.I.

Ever since that incident the possessed guy was quieter, more humble and always prefer to be by himself. And for our NPCC annual camp the following year, we only had the night sentry duty for night activities. Now i am not so sure if there are any more stories like this or if night activities were resumed……..What i know i have graduated the following year in sec 4 and i am safe from all these encounters.

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