Jalan Bahtera Camp Incident

I got this story from a close friend. He is a camp instructor. Other than conducting corporate camps etc, his company also does camps for schools. This happened a few years back before school camps stopped doing solo night walks during orientation camps.According to my friend..let’s call him Dee..nowadays camps do not do solo night walks anymore because of a few incidents.

And so Dee and his fellow instructors were getting ready for that school solo night walk. To all whom have not been to solo night walks..it’s simple. That person just have to walk along a specified route..alone and at night. But for safety precaution, an instructor will be at an allocated spot to monitor you so you don’t cheat.

And so Dee was sitting alone at his allocated spot that night. Dee is a person who have no problems being alone even at such deserted places. A few students passed by without noticing Dee at the side. Suddenly Dee heard giggling. He hid himself. He saw two girls walking together. Dee approached them…

“Oei..why are the two of you walking together?? Cheating ar?”

The 2 girls replied..

“Aiyah Sir..sorilah..we are scared lah,at night and dark some more”

“Ok2..i let you go” Dee replied…

Then one of the girls said something..

“Sir..you say us walk two person walk.But you yourself “jaga” the place with your friend.”

The 2 girls giggled and left leaving Dee wondering. What did the 2 girls meant by “jaga” the place with a “friend” when Dee was all by himself. Dee turned back and saw no one. He thought one of the instructors was playing a prank. He then used his walkie talkie and spoke with his IC who is at the “control room”.

“Oei..dun play the fool ar.”

The IC replied..”What u mean?”

Dee then explained what the two girls saw.

“Dee..u ARE alone, the rest of the instructors all by themself.”

By this time, Dee sensed something was wrong. Until…

A male student passed by and said to him.

“Eeeii Sir..not fair. I walk alone but you “jaga” the place with your friend.”

Dee turned around but there was no one. He called the “control room” again and told them what happened. The IC said he will sent another person to accompany him there. About a minute later..a black dog passed by stopped and stared at Dee with glowing red eyes. Dee then ran away as fast as he could from that place.

According to Dee, this is one of the many incidents that had happened during solo night walk. To prevent things from getting bad to worse,they decided to stopped solo night walk.

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