JTPS Camp Scare

This story happened to me when i was in pri 5. I was having a TAF camp in the school.

There were only about 8 of us left in the school bcos all the others ecpecially the girls went home already. It was 11 pm and it was light out. It was the first day of the camp and the unexpected happened.

We were asleep but we left the lights on the other classroom on as we were the only badge of students in school and we were on the first floor. Suddenly when we were fast asleep, the door which was closed suddenly flung open with a loud BANG!!!!! I woke up suddenly and looked out the door while still lying down on the P.E mats we were sleeping on. I thought that it might be my PE teacher checking on us. I looked out and saw nothing but air. The lights were on and the classroom lights which we slept in were switch on. I wondered for a while whether the door opened resulting from strong winds but there was no wind that night and it was rather spooky. I started to shiver and quickly put my bag which i used as a pillow over my head and went back to sleep.

The next day I woke up, freshened myself and went for beakfast. I then asked my P.E teaacher if he had been in our classroom and kicked the door open. He said NO. Then he said he heard the loud Bang coming from downstairs and tought it was us. Right then i started to fear. Lucky for me it was only a 2d1N camp and i was going home that evening.

I never told this story to my parents but found the courage to type it in this website. It is a true story so do believe it. I hope that i could forget the incident and a warning to all JTPS students camping in the school make sure u dont sleep in the classroom in the corner side. Till i have another story BYEZZZZZ. And be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

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