Jurong West Blk 824

I would like to share my encounter. I stayed in the west at Jurong West Blk 824  when I was borned. I can never be left alone to sleep in the cradle or else will cry non-stop. Can only sleep peacefully between my parents. One night after I was asleep, mum put me back to the cradle, after a while she came to check on me because she wondered how come I never cry this time, she saw 2 babies in the cradle, 1 sleeping and another 1 sitting up staring at her.

Another night, she check me out again and saw an old woman rocking my cradle, she screamed! The woman turned to look at her, smile and walked into the wall! When the next day she told one of her gf, her gf claimed that the old woman was the earth Deity (based on the dressing which mum described).

And there was a painting of a woman in my parent’s room and I simply hate it. I felt she was watching me whenever I was in the room.

We shifted to our present place when I was in kindergarten. For some reason, my parents didn’t bring the painting to our new place. I often see lots of spiders (those black widow kind) on the wall but when I told my folks, the ‘spiders’ disappeared. It could be due to my hallucination. Situation became really bad when I’m watching TV, I can see ‘people’ walking in and out from the wall behind, the volume of the TV became real loud until I can’t take it, off the volume and ran to my room to hide but can still hear every single word from the TV program. These encounter carried on till I was in primary school. Mum took me to see a female medium. I still remember when she held my hands, her hands were so cold! She gave me to 2 talisman, 1 black and 1 red. One is meant to be burnt and drink and the other one to burn and bath with it. But mum burnt both and let me bath with. All these vision disappear after that.

BTW, every household has a spirit. Some people said it is your guardian angel. Mine is a female but I never see her before (not so ‘lucky’) but can always sense her in the living room when I go to the toilet in the middle of the night. My sister saw before but she said she doesn’t appear friendly, in fact she was glaring at my sister.

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