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When I first moved to my present home, we got three Fengshui master to view our flat. I was in my teens then. All three told my parents that only I can sleep in a certain room. My elder sister cannot sleep in that room…

So we moved in and I got my own room. My sister tried to sleep with me as we had a very close relationship. She came over for two times and both times was horrible for her. She dreamt of those things chasing after her. And worst is that she cannot wake up. 2nd time, she couldn’t fall asleep no matter how tired she is. From then on, she dare not to come to my room to sleep. According to the fengshui master, only males and people strong in Yang Qi can sleep in that room as the room is very Yin….

Then we have a hi fi set in the living room that I used to watch VCDs. Every night, without fail, at about 12 to 1am, it will switch on by itself and start playing whatever VCD it has inside it, if not, it will play the radio. That was those old type so no timer. Then my sister’s EX bought us a dog. A black dog. After she came, it only happened for the first night and after she barked and I came out to switch it off, it never happened again.

My sister told me that once, when we were all overseas, my sister did not go due to her A levels While she is busy studying in the room with our dog, she felt very creepy hairs standing then our dog suddenly barked very fiercely at the door of the room, as if stopping somebody or something from coming in.

No matter what my sister did, the dog totally ignored her and continued to bark then suddenly, she stopped barking and just walked over to my sister and stand guard beside her.

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