Bishan Street 12 Blk 133

I have stayed in Bishan ever since I was a kid, until I was in secondary 1, my parents decided to shift. As you all know the Bishan is really haunted. My family members have countless encounters inside my house and around the area. But my parents being the garang types will usually ignore or tell them off, my dad especially. Throughout 14 years staying there, nothing had happened to us, only that alot of family issues, like, my dad and mom will quarrel all the time and I fell so sick during Primary 3 that I had to put school on hold.

Anyway, after we moved and sold our flat to this woman buying it for her father in his 60s. He was going to stay there alone. In less than a month, he leaped off the kitchen window, and broke his head. The thing is, he was walking with a cane, and kind of fragile, how was he able to jump off the window?

my best friends that I grew up with were my next door neighbors and my mom and their mom always talk on phone. So when the initial couple of weeks the old man moved into my old flat, my ex-neighbor was telling my mom how she thought that old man is crazy. He will turn on the radio every single night, tune in to tamil station on the loudest, and some nights he will exclaim loudly in cantonese:”yao guai ah! yao guai ah!” (got ghost!)

So, my mom were saying maybe our bazi is “tougher” than that old man’s, explaining why we weren’t harm after 14 years residing over there.

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