Jurong West Blk 828

This incident occurred to my sister’s friend at Jurong West . This is going to be pretty scary I guess.

That afternoon, aisya(not her real name), my sister’s friend, went home from school. When she reached her block of flats, she saw her mother at the window and waved her but she did not wave back although she is looking at her.

When she got into her flat, she went in her room and put her bag there. She went out of her room and saw her mother at her room still looking out of the window. Aisya started to feel a bit scared. She never ever seen her mother wearing white.

Suddenly the telephone rang. She answered. The one on the phone is her mother! She talked to her mother for a while in the telephone and told her about what she saw at her mother’s room. When aisya put down her phone, the lady in white was gone. She started to feel very scared.

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