Boon Lay Blk 186

Well. This ghostly incident happens a few years back then….

At the tenage age of 16, every teens is trying his best to earn money through part-time jobs: i was the same, working often through the night at fun-fair, located in Boon Lay Blk 186 …

I still remember vividly that on my second last day of the fun-fair, i reached my block at around 3am and that night was a starry night and it was not too dark. After alighting from the cab, i pay the cabby $21.40 in all and he offered me a $0.40 discount.

I dragged my feet to my block and get into the lift. I pressed storey 11 and begin my way up to my home…..little did i expect that something is waiting for me…

Let me give you a scenario of the layout of my block. Once the lift opens, on my left is the staircase and on my right is the corrider. That day on my left that is the staircase, (i always have the habit of looking at the staircase when i came out), i saw a gal in a white dress sitting with her back facing me and at first i thought that ok.. it is normal what, maybe that gal she wants to be alone or maybe she is waiting for somebody…

But on closer look (you know the staircase has one way up and the other way down right), I realised that she was sitting on air…she was sitting on the going up stairs and her back facing me(if you dont get it, its like imagine… one gal walking up the staircase and she jux sit there on air with her legs 90 degrees as if there is a chair for her) She just sat there motionless and quietly..with her hands on her laps…

Any person would pee at the sight and gets frightened out of his life….I did what a normal person would do and just run for my life…

Sometimes these things appear to us is not to frightened us ..but maybe they have something to tell us or maybe give us…Until you meet one…. u never know what is in store for you….

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