Redhill Road Blk 72

I am so happy that I got a three room flat, as I’m a divorcee, I felt happy to have my own home that nearby to my workplace too.(Redhill Road Blk 72) Every weekend I will bring my two children back home.

One night as I fall asleep, I felt that I wake up by my sister who carries her son to my room…I talked as normal “eh buat apa kau kat sini? In English “what are you doing here?.. then after that a strong wind blow my both ears I felt painful…I knew it was a dream..I struggle to wake up from dream read a simple malay prayer..but still won’t let go..I read and read at last the wind stopped.

I woke up..and switch on the lights..I looked at the watch it was 12.15 midnight. I was scared and on the lights and and decided stay awake, but fall asleep again..I saw a black figure passed infront of me. Then a strong wind blew my ears again..I turned my body left and right closing my two ears, I try to wake up from prayers again and again. At last it stopped. I woke up and watch it was three am in the morning. With the lights on from 12.15 midnight till now I try not to sleep.. I lie down and cover my face with my pillow..and watch time is going to 6.00 am then I feel safe and take a bath and go to work…At my workplace I felt sleepy.

Actually this incident happened to me always and I don’t understand why at all. Once, on Friday night, I was alone and I fell asleep. In my dream, I saw a black figure passed infront of me. Then, I felt a strong wind blew hard, I read prayers, I felt myself floating in the air..I read prayers many times and finally the wind stopped. When I woke up I felt that I been slammed down onto my bed. I got up quickly and ran out of my house. The time was 7.00 am and the atmosphere was so quiet and cosy that I was suppose to be sleeping. But I couldn’t…cause I was afraid that the incident will happened again. I left to my mother’s house at Dover without bathing and changing my cloth. My mother asked “kenapa ni, datang pagi-pagi buta datang?” (Why did you come so early in the morning?” with an angry voice. I told her what happened and she believed my story..This incident; black figure and wind blowing strongly..always happened to me, Why me?

I went to see a malay bomoh recommended by my friend who knows this problem. The bomoh told me that the Black Figure was a jin that happened to had been staying there before me..the house had been emptied for three years until I came in, it will keep on staying there and not other places. He will still come and stay at my house as he likes it,..each time finished prayers and go to sleep that jin will come and bother me again with different kind of ways… I went to many bomohs at different places accompanied by my friends but nothing works.. I tried to sprinkle water everywhere at the walls and the front door that was given by a bomoh from near Bukit Merah, and another bomoh gave me a “KUNDO FRUIT”(BUAH KUNDO)he said the ghost would be afraid of. I did bathe with lime water that was given by a bomoh at Yishun…but to unavail..It didn’t work…

I decided to moved flat when 5 years in Redhill Road blk 72 was gone (since 1994 May)and I was approved to buy a four room flat that is at Ghim Moh in 2000 January. I felt relieve cause now I can sleep peacefully and eventhough I sometimes stay alone I felt no disturbances; no more strong wind, no more sleepless night. I hope that it would not happen again..for all my life

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