Kallang Bahru Block 62

I have stayed in Kallang Bahru blk 62 since I was a kid.

It was a one room rented flat.

It is quite an old block but now it has been renovated and looks new.

I remember that year it was 1992(I was in my early teens then).

On that night, about 10 pm, someone knocked on my front door urgently.

When I open the door I realised my friend

was standing outside, looking pale and shivering.

He said that there was a ghost in his house. At first I don’t believe him.

My friend lived on the 10th floor of that block while I lived on the 4th floor.

My friend asked me to accompany him back to his house as he didn’t locked the door. He lived alone with his elder brother(their parents had passed away) but his brother was working nightshift often leaving him alone

at home.

It seens that he was so frightened after seeing that ‘thing’ that he ran out of his flat without bothering to close the door, lights and all.

I followed him upstairs and it is true that he left the door of his house open.

From outside I could see that the kitchen window was open widely and I felt cold wind blowing in from the window.

But the eerie thing was when I noticed the lights at the ceiling of my friend’s house was flickering as though it was about to blow off any moment.

My friend quickly switched off the lights, closed and locked the door and went down with me. He ‘bunked’ at my place that night.

That night he related to me on what he saw

at his flat earlier.

He was watching T.V when he heard a sigh at the kitchen.

When he turned around he nearly died of fright for there at the kitchen by the window a pale Chinese lady with curly hair wearing a blouse was standing and staring at him.

The woman had no arms…

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